Easylib software provides

Easylib provides state of the art solution for managing your library with easy search, full fledged acquisiiton, cataloguing, journals, digital library, journals and many more features backed by robust product, reliance service and continous innovation. Newly launched modules of Campus ERP, Personal Digital Library Management, Customizable Reporting, Alumni Software etc make Easylib, one single preferred solution for your entire institute.


Robust Product

Easylib is a state of the art fully functional integrated library management system developed after decades of research and feedback by over 1,000 library professionals, academicians and end users.

Reliable Service

Easylib offers ticket and Service Level Agreement based service by phone call, online service and personal visits, backed up thousands of trained professioanls for peer gudence..

Continous Innovation

Software continually being enhanced for over last 18 years. Has state of the art features include responsive app, SMS and Email gateway, Common Catalogue connectivity, APIs to integrate and many more.

Easylib Features

Easylib is loaded with features to help you manage your library very professionally.

Integrated Features for your Library

Web OPAC Student Login, Requisition, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Accessioning, Membership, Circulation, periodicals, Reports, Security, Set Up, Machine Learning and AI .

Digital Library Freature

Website for your library. eResources Management, Personal Digital Libraries, .

New Modules

Library In Out Management , Form Union Catalogues, Event Registration, Campus ERP Software, RFID Equipment, Display Board Management, Dashboards Management, Feedback Management, Library Branch Management, Barcode Labels and Printers, Own Publications Management, Student Communication, Course Offerings Registration, Data Quality Management, Scholarship Management, Alumni Relationship, Proposal Writing, Android Application, Course Offerings, SMS and Email Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, Barcode Printing, Id Card Printing, .

Hosted on Easylib Cloud

Entire application is now available on Easylib cloud. No need of installation on individual machine..

Responsive web design

Means the software is screen size agnostic. It can run on PC, Linux, iPad, iPhone and Android phones and so on.

Free Website

All Easylib customers get a free website for their library. They can update it regularly and make it very informative.

Free Upgrades

Easylib customers 6.2a and above get free upgrades for the modules they purchase. More and more features regulalry without extra cost.

SMS and Email Integrated

Software comes with inbuild SMS and eMail gateway. You simply enable and are good to go. No separate set up needed.

Integrated Helpdesk

Easylib Software and Easylib CRM are integrated. That means help is only one click away.

Increase Usage of Your Library

Optimize Your Purchases

Stay Copliant

Screenshot Gallery

Easylib screens are derived with inputs from practising librarians. Whereas academics help us decide what all features are required, the practiioners give feedback on alignment and design of each screen. This has helped us position Easylib as the most advanced and easy software for the librarians.

Additional Products and Services Offered

Easylib provides a wide range of products and services for your library.

What our customers say

Easylib continously works with our customers to get feedback and constantly improve our products and services. Here are a few sample feedback that we have got our customers.

Our Team

Easylib was founded by professionals who worked at both India and overseas.

Vasu M DeshpandeLoves Adventure (Co-Founder and CEO)

Chandan JainDedication to Customer Service

Siddu HCDriven to have you as our customer (Marketing and Sales head)

Vijay N KrishnaKeeping us on track (Advisor with Iron grip)

Lohith B JYou are in safe hands (Software Engineer)

Manjula BananiRelax, we will deliver what you need (Software Engineer)

Pallavi AcharyaVery good software we give (Software Engineer)

Jitendra S MudholSilent Thinker (Co-Founder and Strategist)

Ashok NagureI balance the books (Head of Finance)

Priya PWant to learn Easylib, See my videos (Software Engineer)

Srujan DI am climbing stairs (Trainee Software Engineer)

Guess MeI am the Lord (Our Customers)

Get Easylib Application for your organization now !

Entire process of upgrade from your existing software to Easylib takes less than two weeks. In this period, we deploy the sopftware, configure the installation, import your data, train your staff and get operations started. Simple steps are as below .

Trusted by Over 600+

Libraries Worldwide

  • 8 Countries
  • 10 States
  • 10,000 Professionals

Pricing Plan

Easylib offers multiple pricing options based on the modules you like to get, type of hosting and the size of the library. Please call us for pricing. Indicative pricing are as below..

Easylib 4.4.2 Client Server Version

Starting at Rs.35,000

For single user version

  • One user license
  • Installed locally
  • AMC Available
  • Easily Upgradable in future

Easylib 6.4a On Cloud Version

Starting at Rs.36,000

Per Year

  • Hosted on Easylib Cloud
  • Includes most modules
  • Easily Upgradable
  • You do not need a server

Easylib 6.4a Local Installation

Starting at Rs.1,50,000

One Time

  • Hosted at your premises
  • Easy Upgrade
  • Trial Version Available
  • Many APIs Provided

Frequently Asked Questions

This section gives you answers to some of the basic queries you may have

Easylib offers the most advanced software for your library with highest number of features at the least total cost of ovnership over a ten year period..
Once you place the order, we will deploy Easylib within a week. We also help in Data conversion..
Annual licensing and maintenance charges vary from Rs.12,000 onwards based on the size and modules procured..
Yes, it does. To ensure that you do not have to remember MARC codes, we take the inputs in English frendly format and automatically convert the data onto MARC or RDA Format.

Latest Events

Easylib closely works with academic community by attending various conferences and workshops, sponsoring to the possible extent and conducting various workshops for the librarians. Below are some of the latest conducted.

Contact with us

Easylib is only a phone call or an email away. Simply call us or write to us and we will be happy to help you

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